Rhino 4×4 Bar Tech Info

Each bar is air bag compliant and undergoes testing to meet Australian ARD rules and regulations, The bar is a modular design, general light bar size on the light mounting bar / mid-section is 20- 22”, If you order a light mounting bar it will come with two mounting tabs that can be placed anywhere on the light mounting bar itself on the straight section to suit the lighting setup you choose from, UHF aerials can either be mounted on the mid-section in some cases by drilling a hole or on the light mounting bar with a extra mounting tab, the tab will be specific to the UHF aerial you choose to use, mounts can be found online to suit your needs, The winch mount is incorporated into the bar, so no need for any extras to install if you choose to mount a winch latter down the track, 2x recovery points as standard, Number plate flip bracket on most models to access winch fairlead / winch hook, Led fog lights as standard in all rhino 4×4 bars, 5mm Alloy bash plate setup Extremely rugged , Bar is made from 3-5mm Steel construction, The bars weight approx. 55-60Kg without accessories, EG; winch, lighting, recovery shackles etc, The front bars generally sit out 30-200mm out further then the factory bar, again this is vehicle dependent. Recovery point load ratings 3D Evolution bars are 4.75T Evolution Bars are rated to vehicle GVM.


Warranty Terms & General Information

Rhino 4×4 Warranty Terms

Surface Finish – 12 months
Workmanship/materials – 24 months
Labour – 12 months when installed by a rhino 4×4 Re- Seller
Fog Lights – 24 months
Rhino HD Series Lights – 3 Years
Rhino 4×4 Winches – 5 Years

General Information

If you do not know the following details please contact your local dealer and supply the vin for the correct paint code / name, it’s essential we have this for getting the correct paint for your colour coding.
Please note: Some vehicles require the front grill to be chopped / trimmed to suit the bar, and the same with factory or aftermarket flares, some rhino 4×4 bars are designed to meet with factory flares and some they do not. Kindly ask about this for your model and we can let you know if your vehicle falls into that selection or not.
At Hills 4×4 we require a partial / full amount deposit on rhino 4×4 items that being, Front bars, rear bars, side steps, under body, winches and High end light bars, This secures us for any cancelled orders that have been colour coded or special order that we cannot return or stock in our warehouse , as well as large outgoing costs when the bar may take up to 3 weeks for colour coding or stock to be held for a incoming shipment as we have to pay upfront also for the order to be made . This has always been our policy and we hope you understand.
Any Original parts removed from your vehicle must be taken on the same day as pickup of the vehicle, unless prior arrangement otherwise all accessory’s / parts will be disposed of on the same day as pickup. We are sorry, but we are unable to store such parts and accessories. You will be charged a $25.00-dollar disposal fee if you do not take your old parts.